I have a confession, and I’m only going to say this once so listen closely.

As much as I have tried to fight it and deny it, I am in love with Zac Efron. I feel like this is safe place where I can confess my attraction to a boy who is younger than me because I know that the majority of you will admit that you love him, too (go on, say it. It feels good).

Granted, Zac isn’t that much younger than me, but the fact that I’ve been married for five years, and I have a child adds a good ten years or so to my actual age. It’s all so “Demi and Ashton,” and it seems so wrong.

But girls, look at him!

He’s such a fine hunk of little boy, and a single, childless, skinnier version of me would be all over that.

Now that I’ve got it out of my system, may I also say that Little Jesse McCartney is looking mighty fine as his grown-up self?

Dang! Little Boy got hot! And I’m totally loving his new song (is that ok, or is that “not cool”? BTW, that music video is so wrong! He’s just a little boy!!!)

Phew. I feel much better. Now I can go back to pretending that I love John Cusack.